JUPITER - LAPIS LAZULI - ARHANA Name Meaning: Arhana is a Hindu name that means “worship, adoration, honor” Crystal Keywords: Wisdom, Truth, Connection Crystal Element Association: Air  History & Lore Lapis Lazuli is a regal stone often associated with the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs and Sumerian royalty. Catherine the Great, the Russian empress, decorated a room in her palace complete with Lapis walls and fireplaces. When the Sumerian goddess Inanna went to the underworld, she wore Lapis beads and carried a Lapis rod to represent the world's natural cycles and eternal life.  Qualities & Uses Lapis Lazuli calls to mind the image of a starry night sky, royalty, and ancient wisdom. As a stone associated with the mind and intuition, Lapis removes mental and spiritual blocks to personal truth by encouraging deep self-assessment and reflection. This investigation creates the opportunity for connection with inner knowing, forgotten knowledge, and the spiritual guidance of the Universe.