IXIM Celestial Crystal Art Prints

Introducing IXIM’s CELESTIAL CRYSTAL Art Print Collection, where Crystals and Celestial energies harmonize to elevate your space and nourish your consciousness. Explore the cosmic realm with our curated selection of seven IX Crystals, each paired with the planetary energies to unlock your potential.

Each CELESTIAL CRYSTAL print is a unique piece of art and a powerful catalyst for transformation. Experience an engaging audio and visual journey that resonates with the energy of the specific Crystal, and feel the shift in your space and within yourself.

Let these IX Crystals infuse your space with positive energies to help you manifest your dreams with clarity and purpose.

Crystal Insights by:
Instituto Xilonen

Astrological Insights by:
Demitra Vassiliadis, Founder of Heaven To Earth Astrology

Artwork by:
Ahmer Kalam

Sun • Citrine • Justelio

Moon • Selenite • Petros

Mercury • Clear Quartz • Cadeau

Venus  • Rose Quartz • Queen

Mars • Carnelian • Pirro

Jupiter • Lapis Lazuli • Arhana

Saturn • Black Tourmaline • Chicaro

Custom sizes availbale on request.