MERCURY - CLEAR QUARTZ - CADEAU Name Meaning: Cadeau originated as a surname in the Brittany region of France during the Middle Ages and meant "little fighter." In modern day French, it is the word for "gift." Crystal Keywords: Amplification, Universal Energy, Clearing Crystal Element Association: Air  History & Lore Clear Quartz has been used throughout history as a teacher, healer, and source of sacred power. Lemuria and Atlantis were said to have used Clear Quartz to store information. In the Middle Ages, the Greeks, Romans, and Crusaders shared legends of clear Crystal balls with special powers. The Egyptian King Tut requested Crystals be placed in his tomb to accompany him into the afterlife. And the Inca believed Quartz was a gift from the ancestors housing memories of cosmic origins.  Qualities & Uses Clear Quartz is the "stone of light." It amplifies the connection between the physical and the universal energy of Spirit, reminding us that we are always connected. Clear Quartz can absorb, store, release, and regulate energy. It is excellent for clearing blocks that keep us from the clarity of higher truth. Clear Quartz is considered one of the most powerful stones, able to help replenish a state of bliss and harmony to all who wear, work, pray, and meditate with it.