Name Meaning: Chicaro is a Native American name that means “playful waters”


Crystal Keywords: Protection, Purification, Grounding


Crystal Element Association: Earth


History & Lore


The name Tourmaline comes from the word "turmali," the name given to crystals found on the island of Sri Lanka during the late 1600s. Dutch traders originally used Tourmaline to pull ash from Meerschaum pipes. Today, among other things, Tourmaline is used in electrical tuning circuits because high frequencies can be passed through the stone without harming it.


Qualities & Uses


Black Tourmaline is the ultimate grounding stone. Known as an "energetic vacuum cleaner," Black Tourmaline removes disharmony, negativity, and stagnant energy, releasing it back into the Earth. With this shielding effect, Black Tourmaline creates a sense of protection and safety during challenging or stressful situations. By purifying negative thoughts, self-doubt, and anxiety, Black Tourmaline reminds us that we are safe and worthy so we can feel comforted, supported, and self-assured.