MOON - SELENITE - PETROS Name Meaning: Petros is derived from the Greek word petra, meaning “rock, stone” Crystal Keywords: Clearing, Spiritual Connection, Clarity Crystal Element Association: Air  History & Lore Selenite is named after Selene, the ancient Greek goddess of the moon. The Greeks used Selenite in windows instead of glass. In Rome, the large arched windows of Santa Sabina, a 5th-century church, were also made of Selenite. Windows let light in so we can see clearly – a beautiful metaphor for the healing properties of Selenite.  Qualities & Uses Selenite is a powerful stone for clearing and cleansing dense and stagnant energies of all types. It activates our connection to the Divine, so it may guide us to clarity. By releasing old energetic attachments and clearing confusion, Selenite enhances judgment and insight so we can make the best decisions for our personal evolution.