MARS - CARNELIAN - PIRRO Name Meaning: Pirro is a name of Spanish and Greek origins that means “flaming hair” Crystal Keywords: Vitality, Courage, Change Crystal Element Association: Fire  History & Lore Carnelian's name came from its resemblance to the radiant red cornelian cherry. In ancient times, Carnelian was thought to bring bravery and courage to those wearing it during battle. When timid speakers needed to be more eloquent and fearless, Carnelian was the stone of choice. To this day, Carnelian is associated with these bold and empowering attributes.  Qualities & Uses  The vivid orange color of Carnelian represents the transformative energy of fire. This striking, revitalizing Crystal acts as a catalyst for change, inspiring courage, creativity, and passion. Carnelian can calm anger and brash emotions, replacing them with love and a zest for life. It encourages us to stabilize our physical energy when taking action, reminding us that joy is found when grounded in the present moment. When making a leap of faith, Carnelian is an exceptional Crystal companion.